Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bananas on Toast and Chocolate Slice

After a day out with a wonderful lunch, who can be bothered cooking for dinner?! So if you're like me ... just head straight for dessert!!!

Bananas drizzled with honey and cinnamon - heated up with a blow torch ... mmmm!!

And dessert for my dessert dinner ... caramel slice (or millionaires slice) ... a gift from a friend that was supposed to last more than one day ... not my fault she makes it so tasty I had to eat it all!

Lunch was at Annie Smither's in Kyneton. My friend and I had been previously for dinner (after waiting ages to actually get a reservation on a date that was convenient!) and were rather disappointed given the rave reviews. So we gave them a second chance and had lunch there. A wonderful goat's cheese souffle that I could have licked the bowl it came in, a slightly average pumpkin tart, a really delicious pear/walnut/roquefort salad ... and dessert was some of the best brownies I've ever had! They were black, solid, fudgey things!!! They have redeemed themselves and will be back on the possible dining list!
.... and just to add to the photo count ... one of the loves of my life ... my horse!

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